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Adlay red dates porridge relief spring fever phenomenon
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Jie Chun stuck, first to" God s". The feelings of pleasure, proper exercise, breathing the fresh air, will help to alleviate fatigue. On the other hand, can" tonic", in the diet to maintain. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, eat greasy food, alleviate the burden on the stomach. Barley, jujube, papaya these three ingredients, since we usually eat the food, but also three kinds of Chinese herbal medicine, mostly Qi, blood, spleen and stomach health effect. Porridge to drink, and most conducive to nutrient absorption.
Adlay red dates porridge
Material: red dates of 10+1/4+ papaya seed + rice
1, barley and rice by1:2 ratio with good, washing net, soak overnight.
2red dates, washing, soaking 20-30minutes.
In 3, peel the papaya, cut into small pieces.
4, water heating pot of porridge, fire away, turn a small fire.
In 5, cook until slightly thick rice soup, add red dates, and cook for about 10 minutes.
In 6, finally add the papaya and cook for about 5 minutes, add a little sugar to taste, can be.
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