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Chinese food five words -- grain to raise
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[ lead]" rites of Zhou" on corn, millet, millet, beans refers, wheat, rice. A corn millet, millet millet also includes means, millet, beans beans refers to. Modern day grain refers to cereals and legumes, such as rice, wheat, beans and other cereal, cereal grains.
Grains contain nutrients mainly carbohydrates, followed by plant protein, fat content is not high. The ancient Chinese people think the grain can raise the viscera qi. In 1997 the Chinese Nutrition Society through the" dietary guidelines for Chinese residents" first is " food diversity, cereal", which emphasizes the daily required energy and protein to be dominated by the food supply, food is the main and basic nutrients. Visible, commissariat in people's diet structure is in the first row. The ancients stressed" to raise " the basic principle that is" fine matching, omnivorous grain".
With thick eat coarse grains
We put the residents' daily eat rice, flour called flour and rice, corn, millet, sorghum ( surface ), beans and tubers such as coarse grains. Coarse grains of trace element and vitamin are very abundant, maize, potato and other coarse grains contain more dietary fiber. Nutritionists believe that eating at least 3times per week, coarse grains, the health will help, but also make the stomach more healthy, more appetite. We know, different varieties of food nutrition value is not the same, which contains rich nutrients, coarse grain. Such as oat protein-rich; millet is rich in tryptophan, carotene; beans are rich in high quality protein; sorghum fatty acid rich and abundant iron; potato carotenoid and vitamin C.
We should pay special attention to the intake of soy and soy products. Soybean is a common food grade, rich in protein (40% ) and a variety of human essential amino acids. The milk has a "green milk ", but when edible must cook cook, do three open, otherwise easy poisoning. Bean curd is known as "the plant flesh " good name, it has a reinforcing spleen and stomach, clearing heat and moistening dryness, Lee urine, antipyretic detoxification effect.
Coarse grain also has some medical value. Such as corn is recognized as the world 's" golden crops", the cellulose than white rice, flour, high 4~ 10 times. Cellulose can accelerate intestinal peristalsis, reduce cholesterol absorption, prevention of coronary heart disease; mung bean sweet and cold, have diuresis detumescence, and detoxification and refreshing thirst-quenching role; cereal proteins lack of lysine, methionine and soy protein deficiency, Gu Dou mix, protein complementation, nutrition doubled.
Fresh brown rice is more favorable than the health food processing, because the essence, vitamin, protein, cellulose loss more. The coarse grain of the dietary fiber although cannot be digested by the human use, but can promote intestinal gas, food residue discharged as soon as possible.
Whole grains and slimming effect, such as corn contains large amounts of magnesium, magnesium can enhance intestinal peristalsis, and promote the excretion of body wastes, to lose weight very favorable. Maize mature flower spike ( maize ) have a diuretic effect, also weight loss advantage. We can put the fresh corn soup when the tea, also can be made into corn cake, corn flour tortillas.
Of course, if fully with whole grains instead of flour and rice taste, not only to accept, and nutrition is not reasonable. Research shows, weight exceed the standard, like meat eaters and sub-health population, per person per day of whole grain50 ~80 grams is appropriate, can also be based on individual circumstances appropriate adjustment.
Omnivorous grains nutritious complementary
Small grains of starch and protein, including the crops are sorghum, millet, buckwheat, oats, barley, millet, coix seed, as well as bean, mung bean, adzuki bean, broad bean, pea, cowpea, lentils, black beans and other. Chinese medium-term food development strategy in research shows that, in our food supply, small impurities should be accounted for20%.
Small food grains other than wheat and rice has high nutritional value, also contain special nutrients, such as buckwheat, naked oats high protein content, multiple reasonable ratio of amino acids, known as the" beauty, fitness, disease prevention" health food raw materials. Buckwheat contains also contain other grains do not have chlorophyll and rutin. Buckwheat in vitamin B1, B2wheat and more than 2 times, nicotinic acid is 3~ 4 times. Nicotinic acid and rutin in buckwheat contains all drugs in the treatment of hypertension. Often edible buckwheat has certain curative effect on diabetes. Beans are rich in fat, as the body heat and a major source of protein.
Modern nutrition food complementary principle verification, omnivorous diet of grain is consistent with a way of keeping good health. For example, in rice, wheat flour, corn, sweet potatoes, often with some soy, book and other coarse grain, not only can obtain comprehensive nutrition, and can improve the utilization rate of food. Rice and maize collocation is a good example of. Rice does not contain vitamin A, vitamin A rich content and maize; rice protein tryptophan, containing lysine, and corn protein contains almost no tryptophan, but containing lysine, lysine and tryptophan are the human body essential amino acids, rice and maize collocation, can rise to protein complementary effect, make human body obtain vitamins and essential amino acids is more comprehensive, but also improve the utilization of protein
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