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Deng yl member to visit the guidance
The publisher:admin  Views:715  Release time:2016/10/11

      On September 9, 2016 the 32nd session of the national (bozhou) traditional Chinese medicine trade fair has been held in the grand bozhou, Beijing institute of technology, dean of the school of life, deng yl international aerospace academy of sciences academician to Que flower hall to visit the guidance.

     (Deng academicians know Que flower hall oral yinpian series products)

   (Deng academician with chairman li mh Que flower hall to take photos with Chinese medicine yinpian customize outside the supermarket)

         Accompanied by the chairman of Mr Li mh, deng academician line of a visit to the Chinese medicine yinpian optional supermarkets and Chinese herbal medicine of the warehouse receipt pledge loan business, the Que flower hall of its innovative concept, and the application of the high and new technology in the production process, get into line to give the full affirmation.

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