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Reshipment hiking dabie mountain - Que flower hall of its wild smelting team
The publisher:admin  Views:773  Release time:2016/10/11

         In late April 2016, Que flower hall characters has organized the "heavy hiking the dabie mountains, wild smelting team" wild training camp theme activities. Team members weight through the luxuriant forests, and complete the tasks of training success to the finish.

                                     (Expand the team photo)

                                (The players weight through the mountains)

                                      (The first team to the destination)

                                               (Camping stationed camp)

                                                (The wild meal, speck)

                                                      (Happy bonfire party)
          Dabie mountain wilderness camp type fully enclosed training, combining exercise and training, team building training, unified team goals make joint efforts to strengthen team cohesion. Members through this activity, walking together, adhere to and break through the limit together, harvest the full of true friendship.

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