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Fat people what to eat vegetables?
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Obese people choose food should follow two principles: one is healthy, but weight loss. So fat people eat any vegetables? How can eat more lean? Have a look Xiaobian recommended several kinds of vegetables.
Cucumber and other nutrient-rich vegetables, which contain nutrients less. Moreover, cucumber contains alcohol acid, contributes to the inhibition of various carbohydrates into fat in the body.
White radish
Spicy radish contain ingredients with oil, fatty substances to promote better the new supersedes the old. Effect, can avoid the accumulation of fat in the skin.
Chinese chives and not containing more digestible fiber, can promote bowel movements, there is a strong laxative effect, which may be excluded from the excess nutrients in the gut.
Wax gourd
Wax gourd with nutrients and less able to remove the excess body fat, with a strong laxative effect.
Hot pepper
Pepper contains capsaicin. Promote lipid metabolism, and dissolved fat, inhibit fat accumulation in the break.
Mung bean sprouts
Containing water, the human body after drinking the amount of heat generated less, less easy to form subcutaneous fat accumulation.
Soybean and soybean products
Contains rich unsaturated fatty acid, decomposition of the body's cholesterol, promote lipid metabolism, the subcutaneous fat accumulation difficult. Concerned expert thinks, vinegar in saponin can eliminate adhesion in vascular wall is a fat, and can reduce the cholesterol content in blood.
Vinegar is prepared by : soybeans wash, drain water, cook for 25minutes (note not Chaojiao ). After cooling, bottling, pour vinegar submerged bubble, stamped with the seal, a week later you can eat. Each morning and evening to eat the number of grains.
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