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Spring weak cold exercise + diet moistening lung and nourishing lung
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Spring temperatures volatile, easy to hurt the lungs, causing cold cough. We in the spring should be how to raise lung? Xiaobian teach you raise lung merit: exercise + diet. Have a look together.
The most vulnerable lung injury
Spring air temperature varies, air pollution is serious, the human body most easily by the injury, is our respiratory system. Chinese have a saying " lung for Jiao dirty"," warm pathogen by, firstly to make lung", that is to say the lungs are the most susceptible to exogenous harmful substances against organ.
This is because, in normal subjects24 hours about 10000 liters of inhaled air, and air containing various microorganisms, allergens and other harmful substances. Therefore, the spring nourishing for health is very important.
Lung injury prone to colds
Lung in human in the highest position, Chinese medicine says, is also described as a lung, lung just like an umbrella, was given to the viscera of shelter. But if the" umbrella" is not well protected, it will catch a cold, pneumonia and other diseases. " Huang Di Nei Jing" say:" shaped cold drink is injury to the lung", is said to feel cold or eating cold drinks will be on the lung injury, so the timely adjustment of cold temperature is to protect the lungs cold prevention key.
The morning to drink a bowl of porridge nourishing lung
The so-called not drug-Sibu, spring nourishing, might as well use of therapeutic methods.
Almond porridge peeled almond10 grams of research into paste, add to pan clean 50grams of rice, adding proper amount of water to a boil, then simmer rotten. Appropriate warm when you take,2 times a day, for breakfast and dinner, with cough and asthma relieving effect, healthy people can eat, to physical fitness, disease prevention.
Carrot drink red radish1, wash chopped, add appropriate amount of maltose fragments preserved, set aside for 3to 4 hours after meals, the radish sugar, there is the role of cough and phlegm; or the carrot cut into blocks or sheet, each from 100to 150 grams, and boil, and then add some rock sugar, all at once.
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