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The regimen of constitution of blood stasis
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Physical characteristics
Complexion dark lag, dark color, dark lips, eye skin armour fault, easy bleeding, or dark purple tongue has petechia, pulse fine tart or node generation. If the disease is the feature weighting, can have the head, chest, abdomen, flank, or extremities tingling; purple lips or a bleeding tendency, hematemesis, and black; or intra-abdominal have masses block, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, metrorrhagia and.
Mental mental
Constitution of blood stasis in mental nursing, to cultivate an optimistic mood. Happy spirit Qi and blood flow, business health circulation, beneficial to improve the constitution of blood stasis. Conversely, boredom, depression can worsen blood stasis tendency.
Diet recuperation
Can eat walnuts, black soybean, rape, with blood stasis effects of food, a small amount of drink wine, vinegar can eat. Hawthorn porridge, porridge is also quite affordable peanut.
The drug regimen
Choice of activating and nourishing blood products, such as digitalis, Salvia miltiorrhiza, angelica, chuanxiong, Wujiapi, Burnet, teasel, motherwort fruit etc..
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