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芍花堂严密组织绩效全员培训 2018/6/27
Que tong Chinese medicine yinpian customize type warehouse officially opened 2016/10/11
Que flower hall new GMP production workshop 2016/10/11
Deng yl member to visit the guidance 2016/10/11
Reshipment hiking dabie mountain - Que flower hall of its wild smelting team 2016/10/11
Dedication of love Feeling warm campus - Que flower hall of its funding for poor students 2016/10/10
The dedication of love our campus 2016/10/8
January 10, 2016 company employees Heaven Village 2016/1/20
December 12, 2015 Du Yanan, deputy secretary of the CPC Committee to guide the work of the Secretary 2015/12/26
The Shao Hanado medicine Chinese herbal medicine standardization planting base Introduction 2012/2/13
Shao Hanado Cup to celebrate 90th anniversary of founding speech contest 2012/2/13
Reviewing our experience to discuss their own advantages 2012/2/13
Minghui: the spirit of the "two sessions" after two busy non-stop investment 2012/2/13
Lei Yun Shang China (Bozhou) Chinese Herbal Medicine Factory passed the GMP authentication 2012/2/13
Lei Yun Shang China (Bozhou) Chinese Herbal Medicine Factory foundation 2012/2/13

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