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The company always adhere to the purpose of technology-based, the revitalization of traditional Chinese medicine, the company the Founding of the "saint of the heart, to do to save the world medicine", and always adhere to the principle of quality first, so that enterprises in the increasingly fierce competition in the market can stand in an invincible position. The companies continue to increase investment in science and technology, improve the technological content of products, and constantly develop new varieties to enhance their development potential, and ultimately achieve the revitalization of traditional Chinese medicine, the purpose of revitalizing the company's Pharmaceutical and traditional Chinese medicine to the world.

The company spirit is the soul of enterprise development

Create a unique corporate culture, the main content of the "first-class equipment, first-class technology, first-class talents, first-class management, first-class products," the corporate goals, the excellent traditional culture-based, to the pursuit of excellence for the process to maximize the value oriented, to establish a common pursuit of company employees: to do a high moral character and worthy person, and build the company into a class Pieces processing enterprises, the enterprise value is the basis of personal values, to maximize the value of our management program for action, the sole criterion for inspection of all work, struggle, learn, love is the core of the corporate culture.

We aim to

The background of the company's capital strength, brand and cultural strategy for the pilot to rely on strong capital operation ability, technology platform has the ability to continuously innovate in support of human resources of the national open, relying on its own two feet the painstaking pursuit of perseverance, the company to become a sustainable first-class brand-name medicine companies.

Our spirit

Health: sharing health, to share their happiness; manufacture healthy products make customers' lives happier; build a healthy business, to make employees happier; the promotion of healthy thinking, to make human life happier.
Responsibility: the consumer is responsible to society, employees, shareholders; by the rules.
Team: the integration of members of the advantages of the elimination of internal friction; each one of the screws play a corresponding role.
Creation: personal labor; the only innovation, not survival.

Science and Technology Views
Innovation - the soul of the enterprise, relying on scientific and technological enterprises, the establishment of a stable, drug research, development and industrialization of all aspects of the subject facilities, professional and complete, the strong scientific and technological personnel.

    Enterprise development is about people. First-class enterprises rely on the construction of first-class talents, first of all to compete for sales personnel, and then compete for research and development, and management personnel, the introduction of market-oriented management thinking, management models and management methods. Fully mobilize the enthusiasm of scientific and technical personnel. Establish market-oriented employment mechanism, improve the corporate talent to the introduction of a mechanism, incentive mechanism, training mechanisms, establish enterprise development, people-oriented thinking.

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